About Me

I’m a Michigan native based in Berlin for the past 13 years. Starting out in the field of contemporary dance and theater, in 2004 I shifted my focus to movement training and bodywork, working with the Grinberg Method for a number of years before expanding my interests further to include other methods and practices of embodied awareness and learning.


Before moving to Europe on a fellowship in 2001 I graduated magna cum laude with a bachelors degree in dance performance and history. After spending time in Berlin and internationally in different capacities as a performer, choreographer, assistant, and dramaturge, an injury forced me to look more deeply at what I wanted in my life and to figure out how to move forward in a more sustainable way.


At that time I was missing a deeper understanding of what embodied awareness means, not fully grasping the connections between the signals my body was sending and what I needed in my life. Once I started to listen and understand better, and to act accordingly, my life began to transform.


And it hasn’t stopped since.


Over the past 11 years the tools I’ve acquired have helped me through some of the most intense pain of my life, including separation, illness and grief after tragic loss. With time I’ve learned that if I choose to stay present with all experiences, no matter how painful or terrifying they may be, I come out more alive than I was before, not less. This realization is a surprise again and again, and it’s transformational.


I’m convinced that learning (life) is a great thing, and that it appears in all possible forms. Big, small, fast, slow, intense, profound, mundane, surprising, painful, funny, weird, unexpected. It’s certainly not easy or comfortable, but when we dare to let it touch us more, we become more alive.


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