My Approach

Our bodies (we) are creative and constantly interacting with the world around us.

Let’s explore that.

The starting point here is that we’re physical. This means that our attention and perception are also physical – they exist in, through and around our bodies and personal space. By staying curious, and intentionally going for new experiences, we can start to reclaim resources of attention and perception we didn’t even realize were there.

Using a mixture of touch, description and different movement and breathing exercises, my approach is to offer practical tools that make you more physical, aware and engaged in what you’re doing. These tools lead toward being more present and at ease, with a sense of grounded confidence while facing life’s challenges, allowing you to creatively respond to whatever is happening.

Once you have more control over where your attention is going, you can start to invest it more clearly where you choose. For example, investing in your personal vision, your creative projects, improving the quality of your relationships, or in focusing on fast and effective physical healing and recovery.


Note: our fast-paced culture of speed and the Internet does not make this easy. Our physical awareness gets lost and our attention gets taken over and influenced in ways and by forces we didn’t necessarily choose. Be ready for this.

By working very simply with your body, you can start to reclaim your attention in the present moment. By increasing your awareness in sessions and through training, you will start to recognize unwanted patterns of thinking and behavior, understand where they’re coming come from, and shift out of them, becoming better and better at navigating life’s challenges in new ways.


And just to be clear – there is no right way to do this. There’s only learning, exploration and discovery, and your curiosity and sense of humor are essential to the process.

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