One-on-One Sessions

Start a Physical Conversation

In one-on-one sessions you’ll learn how to pay more attention to your body and its signals. This can include looking at unwanted patterns of thinking or behavior that you want to change, or dealing with the effects of past trauma or any other current situation you would like to prepare for or improve.


Using a mixture of verbal description and physical touch, you’ll learn to recognize the difference between automatic patterns of thinking, feeling and behavior vs. fresh experience in the moment. Over time you’ll become increasingly able to shift your attention where you want it to go. These newly developed skills will have a positive impact on your overall health, wellbeing and confidence.

Learning Program

Our work together starts with a discussion and creating a map of where you want to go. We’ll clarify and define your aims both physically and in your life. Then I’ll show you how to bring your body’s natural resources into play by working with touch, description, breathing and movement in different ways.


One-on-one sessions are intense teamwork happening in a safe space. As a client, you will be an active participant in the process. You will be encouraged to think, describe and explore new possibilities and to pay attention between sessions. I will create a clear framework where both of us can focus on your personal aims to create wanted change.

In sessions you might find yourself lying on a massage table, sitting, standing, talking, or even writing, depending on your aim and what we’re currently working on. My job is to increase your level of awareness and teach you how to shift your attention by working through the body. You’ll learn the basics of how to handle intensity in new ways and gain practical tools for challenging situations.


Note: Aims can come from every area of your life – your professional life, your personal life, your physical condition or your emotional state. They are defined by your desired state of being – whether relief from chronic pain, greater ease and confidence, clarity with regard to a certain situation in your life, or simply creating greater wellbeing on all levels.

“Emily works physically on certain pressure points, knots of tension, or sensitive areas, while guiding your breathing – it is definitely not a passive experience…”


“This can result in a sensation of coldness, or energy releasing, together with certain realisations about patterns held by the body that may have to do with past experiences, that can be recognized and slowly released. The end result is almost invariably a sense of being more naturally at home in your body, with a sense of relaxation that’s not limp but rather powerful and energetic, clear and confident.”


– K.E. Bell

Recovery Program

A recovery program is a series of sessions focusing on intense physical recovery, creating the best possible conditions for you to physically heal. This might mean approaching an existing chronic or complex condition in new ways, working to prepare you for an upcoming operation and follow up post-operation with work on injuries and scars, as well as working together after an accident.


Physical conditions like chronic back pain, other chronic pain, headaches, menstrual pain, nervousness or anxiety, complex conditions affecting sleep or digestion, or any other physical issue can be an amazing starting point for learning and creating change.

Thinking Process

We don’t always look at it this way, but thinking is physical. How you are in your body is intertwined with how you think, perceive and interact with the world. The typical posture you hold while sitting at your desk, for example, reinforces patterns in your perception – for better or worse. When you start to understand and play with this, new dimensions of thinking and creativity open up. Learning to relax, let go, and shift your thinking in new directions will allow you to naturally become more creative.


Suddenly tasks like setting priorities, handling complex situations, making decisions or handling dilemmas that seem impossible appear as creative challenges taking you somewhere new.


Whatever your aim, regular sessions can be a powerful complement to other other forms of therapeutic and medical treatment as well as disciplines like yoga, meditation, martial arts and other movement and mindfulness practices.

Intensive Process

An intensive process happens in the format of 2 sessions per day over 2-4 days, going into depth with a certain aim, subject or physical condition. This can be especially useful if you live in another city or if you have a complex condition or situation that you would like to approach through more frequent one-on-one sessions.


The increased frequency of sessions and intense focus on a specific subject offer a different learning approach than weekly sessions.

Curious About One-on-One Sessions?

Sessions typically last 1 hour, and are available in English and German.

Your individual aims will determine the number of sessions and length of the process.


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