Start A Physical Practice

Learning happens through experience, and our work together is about creating new and different experiences in your life. One way to do this is by creating your own training practice by using specific exercises in a focused way to expand your awareness. Think of it like keeping the conversation with your body interesting and alive. I offer this type of training both one-on-one and in group settings.

One-on-One Training

Here I’ll teach you different exercises to support your personal aims and complement your learning in sessions. Together we’ll build and adapt a customized menu of training options, specifically tailored to your aims, that you can play with every day.


You’ll use various exercises to train different areas of the body and re-discover qualities such as strength, endurance, clarity, lightness, concentration and relaxation, according to your individual needs.


If you’re dealing with a chronic physical condition or any other kind of physical recovery, training will be built around improving that condition.

“Concentration training with Emily had a great effect not only on how I produced texts but also on the entire creative process of my work and on my wellbeing as a whole.”


“I experienced that thinking more clearly and in new patterns is intimately connected to perceiving with the entire body and even tuning down the head.”


– Miriam (Researcher)

Exploring Movement

Exploring movement continues to be a life-long passion of mine. Drawing on years of experience in professional dance and theater settings as well as playing with stopping movement training, together we’ll find many different ways to shift your attention through movement. Each training is different and happens in a group setting with music and without. We’ll experiment with defined parameters such as moving specific areas of the body, different speeds, sizes and levels of effort, as well as free movement to enlarge your field of options both alone and with other people.


For more information about movement training, one-on-one or in a group,  write to me directly.

Sharpen Your Focus

Here we’ll approach focus and concentration as a full body activity, looking at the ability to direct your attention where you choose as something you can improve through practice and experimentation. By making sure you have certain ingredients in place – including a high level of energy and plenty of body awareness – focusing and directing your attention will become both easier and more interesting.


By learning to recognize and shift out of your usual habits surrounding concentration and focusing, such as repetitive positions and attitudes toward what you’re doing, you can start to play with new states of concentration and creativity that directly relate to whichever context you’re in – whether in your work, creative projects or your personal life.


It’s all a matter of practicing a few simple exercises and concepts and identifying how to best integrate them into your daily life. Specific exercises involving breathing, movement and relaxation, as well as training for the eyes, are included here.

Curious about Training at your Workplace?

If you and your colleagues are interested in training specifically geared to your workplace or team situation, we can work together to suit your needs. Workplace training is a great way to reduce stress, increase your concentration and jump-start your creative thinking, both individually and in a team.

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